Introducing Leo: the Plug & Play Battery Life Extender

Let’s save our batteries, for our wallet, and for our world

Healthy battery
As much as 50% longer battery lifespan
Zero waste
Reduce waste and save money
Plug and play
Fully automatic. Plug and play
Mockup of Leo the Battery Life Extender

Award-winning solution to increase the battery lifespan of all your portable devices

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Our experiments at the University Lab in Amsterdam are already obtaining ~50% improved lifespan.

Data from AccuBattery, one of the most widely used battery analytics applications available, confirms our findings.

AccuBattery comparison

Our smart-charging device helps keep the Lithium-Ion battery of all your devices healthy.

Leo's algorithm automatically implements all the best-practices for battery lifespan optimization and charges with a focus on reducing battery degradation.

Healthy battery
Prevents the battery from spending hours in a fully charged state (automatically stopping the charging at the right time)
Zero waste
Avoids high battery temperatures, by adjusting charging speed and taking breaks
Plug and play
Charges at different speeds to reduce unnecessary fast-charging, for example during the night

Besides these functions, with Leo you can:

Healthy battery
Measure and analyze data such as the current and voltage at the charger level, and the charging protocol. Leo can function as a USB multimeter!
Zero waste
Charge, measure and save the battery for all your USB-C devices. Use it for your smartphone, e-reader, headphones, speakers, tablet or even your PS5 controller
Plug and play
Perform Over-the-Air firmware updates using our App, as we continue to improve our algorithms using AI
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Shockingly, about a third of these are thrown away because of a bad battery.

But.. large corporates don't even care. For them, it means more profit.

Stop planned e-waste!

One of the winners of the EU Green Challenge

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One of the biggest international competitions for smart solutions for a sustainable future

Join over 1000 people who want to save their battery

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Let's save our batteries, for our wallets and for our world

Support us on our mission, and together we can make the battery industry more sustainable by charging in a smarter way

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