Welkom bij Liion Power!

Liion Power is a Dutch green technology startup, founded by two sustainability students in Amsterdam

The lithium-ion batteries inside our portable electronics and electric vehicles need to be constantly recharged. The charging strategy can heavily affect the lifetime of the battery.

Liion Power is working on the development of Battery Life Extenders that could charge Li-ion batteries in a more sustainable way, increasing their lifespan

Save waste and money
Become a Green Lion!

Finalist for the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Award

* Please note that the prototype of the first Battery Life Extender is still in development!

The Liion Battery Life Extender

I want one when it is ready!

The Green Liion

Our dream: extend the life of any battery powered device

Designed to work for other devices

The Battery Life Extender is being designed to optimize the charging strategy for devices that charge with a normal USB-A cable

To be used as a Plug-and-Play add-on

No need to setup anything. Designed to be simply plugged between the charger and the device.

Regular charging can degrade your battery faster

Charging the battery to 100% as fast as possible all the time can reduce the lifetime of your devices

Protect your battery

The Liion Battery Life Extender is meant to optimize the charging strategy, improving the lifespan of your batteries

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