Welcome to Liion Power

Liion Power is a Dutch green technology startup

It was founded by two sustainability students in Amsterdam

We aspire to make our world more sustainable,
by charging Li-ion batteries in a smarter way.

Will you join us?

Developed at the VU University Amsterdam!

The Liion Battery Life Extender

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extend the life of any device

Works for all your devices!

Protect the battery of any device that charges with a normal USB-A cable


No need to setup anything. Just plug it in to manage the battery in a smart way!

Regular charging damages your battery

Charging a battery with a standard fast-charger is causing unnecessary battery degradation

This reduces the lifetime of your devices (Smartphones, Music Boxes, Headphones...)

Night-charging damages your battery

Research indicates that more than 80% of us regularly charge our smartphone during the night.

This results in a fully, 100% charged battery that keeps on charging all night...

The longer it is fully charged, the more damaging for the battery

Protect your battery

The Liion Battery Life Extender controls and optimizes the charging strategy.

This protects your battery from unnecessary degradation.

Save money and waste, by increasing your battery's lifetime!


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